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Expect More With FTS

We uphold the philosophy of love and care, in treating our candidates as well as our clients with the individual respect, dignity and care they deserve.



$350 cash bonus for a successful match.

Paid upon medical clearance.

1st time surrogate (Non-CA): $30000-$35000

1st time surrogate (CA): $40000

Paid upon heart beat confirmation, in 10 monthly installments.

On top of base compensation, experienced surrogate gets paid an extra $10000-$30000 as extra compensation.


$300/month, Non-accountable allowance. Start getting paid upon legal clearance.


$1000 Non-accountable allowance. Payable upon each embryo transfer


$800 for singleton
$1200 for twins.
Paid at the start of the second trimester, around 14 weeks.


Extra $8000 compensation for twin outcome.
$3000 if C-section was a repeated one from GC’s previouse births.
$5000 if GC’s last birth was natural vaginal delivery and C-section for this journey.
Lost Wages: Applicable with acceptable wage verification and written physician’s verification regarding the medical necessity for work absence.
Child care and housekeeping: To cover child care expenses during medical screening or embryo transferring, or during physician prescribed bed rest or activity restriction.
Long distance Mileage: Only applicable for long distance travel (over 40 miles) using the GC’s own car.

Refer a qualified surrogate to receive $1500 bonus upon their successful matching.

GC can not refer herself.

Additional $2500 bonus if surrogacy friendly insurance policy verified by a specialist;
Note: IPs wont be responsible for the premiums if carrier choose to take insurance bonus.

To compensate invasive procedure such as Amniocentesis, CVS, termination, reduction or a D&C is required. $800 for each procedure.

$150/session to cover the counseling expenses by the mental health professional. Up to $2000 overall.

To cover the legal counseling expenses from an attorney during the process.

Reimbursement for massage, chiropractic, or other wellness treatments during the term

One year term life insurance with $350,000 face amount.

In the event of loss or damage to her reproductive functions (ovary/ovaries, fallopian tube(s), and/or uterus)