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Requirements To Be A Surrogate

  • Age: 21-40 preferred
  • Citizenship: U.S. citizen/ Green Card Holder
  • BMI between 18-32
  • At least one previous live birth, no more than 5 deliveries
  • No more than 2 previous C-Sections
  • No major diseases or health problem
  • Not receiving any State financial aid (welfare)
  • Dependable car and driver’s license
  • No major complications from previous pregnancies or deliveries
  • Currently living in a stable situation
  • No criminal history
Are there any risks as a surrogate?

Our requirements are strict in order to protect the health of our potential surrogates and the newborns that they will give birth to. The risks associated with being a surrogate are typically the same risks as those associated with a traditional pregnancy.

How much do I make as a surro?

Our surrogates are well compensated. First-time surrogates in California are compensated $35,000-45,000, all other states are compensated $30,000-35,000, and experienced surrogates can earn as much as $60,000, or even more. For more information on surrogate compensation, please visit our compensation page which offers complete details.

Will all of my expenses be covered?

There are no out of pocket expenses to our surrogates. If so, they are usually minor and you are always reimbursed for them. All necessary expenses for the transfer are covered. Should you need travel accommodations there is no out of pocket for that either. You will also receive a $200-250 monthly miscellaneous fee in order to assist with miscellaneous fees that you incur due to the surrogacy.

Do I have to use my own eggs?

No. We only work with gestational carriers and not traditional surrogates. Being a gestational carrier means the Intended Parents use their own eggs or another donor for the eggs. A fully created embryo is transferred into to your uterus for you to carry and nurture for the next 9 months. There is no genetic or biological linkage to you and your genes.

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